Kingston DataTraveller Ultimate 3.0 G3 64GB USB3.0 Flash Drive Review

Kingston's line of flash drives have been around for a number of years and through that time we've seen some fantastic looking and performing drives which range from small capacity, compact units ideal for attaching to your keys right through to the top end HyperX drives that push the speed factor to the next level. The DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G3 is one of the latest drives to roll off the production line and coincides with the unveiling of the worlds first 1TB USB flash drive, which we saw earlier in the year at CES 2013.
Flash drives are one of those accessories that the vast majority of users have these days due to their compact size and the convenience factor. Due to this, the capacity that is sought for is getting greater and greater and it is common practice to see 16GB and above flash drives on the market. Naturally as the capacity greatly increases, the physical size of the drive also has to grow a little to house the flash storage that lies within. Thankfully this doesn't have to mean that it is a case of one step forward in capacity but two steps back in design. Kingston have been busy working away to get the best of both worlds and this leads us onto the DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G3 that we are going to take a look at today.

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