Roccat ISKU FX Gaming Keyboard Review

Roccat are one of the finest gaming brands on the market at the moment, and some of their product ranges have proven themselves time and time again, not only in reviews but with consumers, gamers and computer enthusiasts around the world. Roccat have a strong history of gaming products, and it was only a couple of month ago that I personally awarded the Roccat Kone XTD Gaming Mouse our Editors Choice Award, which I highly regard as the best gaming mouse I've used, which is why I'm still using it even today.
A quick look at the feature set of the ISKU FX turns up almost countless features and functions and just as we saw with the Kone XTD Mouse, it seems the ISKU FX is set to take the gaming keyboard world by storm. Priced at around £80.00 here in the UK it's not terribly expensive for a gaming keyboard, it is however a little expensive for a keyboard that isn't mechanical. So it will be interesting to see what the ISKU FX can offer us in terms of performance and features to justify its retail price.

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